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  • January

    In mid-winter, Villager Nursery is "mostly closed". January and February we catch-up on paperwork, repair, clean, organize a bit, once in a while.  If the sign says we are CLOSED... well, yep.  Apologies.  If the gate is OPEN and the sign says OPEN as it may be, now and again on sunny winter days, PLEASE stop in. We do have a few indoor bulbs left as well as some houseplants we are growing and maintaining.  If you need something, please feel free to call and leave a message or e-mail us.  March is very early spring and we'll start opening again then depending on the weather.  Pray for snow. Get out and enjoy it. Happy New Year!  See you soon.Soliel d'Or


  • Fall & Holiday Reflections on 2014

    We had another LONG autumn season and we all gardened and landscaped and harvested and planted well into November and even into December. The average air temperatures and nighttime lows were WELL above average for months and the soils were accumulating solar energy (warmth) for an extra long time. On top of that we had a few rain and snow showers here and there that added some moisture to the soil and kept relative humidity slightly elevated for some periods.  All-in-all a great fall for planting & growing. Deciduous trees installed this past summer and fall should have put-on tremendous root expansion and will be far better off come spring when they use those larger root systems to take-up resources.

    The PUD’s state mandated 2-day a week watering was a God-send for improved fall color. Too many folks water too much too often as it is, especially in late summer / early fall when we need to be letting plants know it’s time to begin acclimating to cold for winter. Some deep cold followed by very mild temps gave plants a long acclimatization period that meant excellent fall colors for us all to thoroughly enjoy.  We were able to see and appreciate, as we do with bulbs and perennials, early, mid and late fall color plants.  Amur maple one of the earliest and serviceberry one of the latest.

    We brought-in a truck-load of quaking aspen and shapely blue spruce late in October. The aspen (bomb-proof weeds that they are) are used to create snow-catch & shade for other overwintering plants and the spruce for living Christmas trees.  We almost sold-out of both with the extended planting season and I’m a fraud we disappointed a few living Christmas tree devotés.

    Harvesting high-elevation cut silvertip Christmas trees can and is done (by some) in October. It is ideal to wait until they have had quite a few days of extreme cold to insure they are fully acclimated to their normally harsh winter environment before harvest. It is also best to harvest as close to Christmas as possible. These two conditions mean that we often only have one to two days to get out there and do our thinning job before snows make it impossible to continue. This year we waited and waited and waited for cold, finally harvesting in the couple of days before Thanksgiving.  We did see a slight increase in needle-drop over the usual but still not much when compared to douglas fir.  Our plantation-grown noble fir were incredibly lush and dense after the heavy rains and snow they received in the northern coast range where they’re farmed.  The rains and warm snows throughout December kept them in their prime.  It also helps that we keep all but the few on display in deep shade under row-cover.

    We had nearly 100 pre-ordered Christmas trees and most folks have already put-in their order for December 2015. Let us know if you are interested; the pre-orders get the pick-of-the litter. We cut a few extra 4-5’ white & red fir this year and since the Boy Scouts and Optimists were more-or less sold-out by the 22nd, we were happy to, as usual, provide trees for folks arriving to their second-homes or vacation rentals at the last-minute.  We tried to close by noon on the 24th but Jose stayed-open ‘till well past 2:00 helping folks.  Friends and colleagues with nurseries are surprised that we try to NOT sell-out of Christmas trees.  The B.S.A. and Optimists clean-up and leave their lots. They don’t have to see the faces of disappointed parents and children when you tell them the trees are all gone. We do see them and we’d rather turn a hand-full of thinned or plantation farmed trees into organic mulch than disappoint a mini-van full of kids excited for Christmas.  We provided 100's of yards of garland and 100's of wreaths from one to six feet across. (due to an ordering snafu, we have 3 rolls of fresh garland left - and we'll be open Friday-Sunday the 2nd-4th)

    SO, 2014 was fun, crazy, fast and in the past.  Cheers!   Here’s to you and yours, wishing you all a healthy and very happy 2015!!!

  • Thank Heaven, a little more winter!

    I'm not going to lie, the nursery has better "numbers" in drought years. It's not just because we ardently promote drought tolerant landscaping nor the fact that we are avid native plant promoters; it's just that our season is longer, the snow melts sooner, and people have more time to spend in their gardens.  That said... NONE of us at Villager want dry winters.  We love wildflowers and lush meadows and obviously fear the threat of fire.  So... we are happy that winter snows have made a nice late showing.  Himmel sei Dank für Schnee!

    I often explain to clients that tossing wildflowers, like hydroseeding, is termed "Spray and Pray" because we spread the seed and pray that weather conditions will be favorable for both germination of the seed and for seedling survival.  Folks that planted seed this Feb and March (my favorite time for s&p), should be delighted come May as the warmed soil combined with all this moisture are making for excellent wildflower success.

    And for real success... We received 8000lbs of Biosol this week, at the request of dozens of clients (before winter returned).  We have about 7400lbs remaining in case your garden melts-out.  We started-off loving all-organic Biosol for its apparent vole-repelling properties but have continued to use it vigorously because it makes vegetable gardens, trees, shrubs, perennials, bubs and, of course, lawns, lush, healthy and strong throughout the growing season.

  • Fall is in the Air, Nursery-Wide Sale 9/13-9/22 2013 !

    Fall is in the Air

    Nursery-Wide Sale 

    9/13-9/22 2013 !

    DETAILS: sale flier here and newsletter here

    "Seconds" - We're bringing out healthy plants with a crook or a sealing scar or a broken top that are not quite retail salable but will grow with compost and fertilizer. These orphaned plants are CHEAP!

    50% Off Fruit Trees is a SMOKIN’ deal!  Apples, Pears, Cherries, and worthy of their blooms alone, Hardy Apricot and Peach.

    20% off (and no tax) on prolific Currants, Gooseberries, Hardy Grapes, Raspberries and Blueberries and will produce more fruit per square foot than any other plant.  The JostaBerry and TastiBerry (gooseberry x currant hybrids) are specialty plants we grew specifically for Truckee.

    20% OFF Tough-as-Nails Trees and Shrubs - The whole LOT!

    75% Off Annual Color: Stock, Geranium, Cali, Petunia, Nasturtium, Tender Grasses, etc...

    40% Off Perennial Herbs and Vegetables like Thyme, Asparagus, Sage, Mint, Lovage, etc...

    50% OFF Packaged (not Villager brand) Seeds:  Lake Valley, Renee, etc..

    30% Off Bulk Wildflower Seeds: (not packaged) >4 oz.

    30% Bulk Grass, Pasture, Clover Seeds: (not packaged) >5 lbs.

    Bearded Iris $2.99 (reg 4.99)

    Hyacinth Bulbs for indoor or outdoor 10 for 8.99 (reg. 1.29ea.)

    Early Indoor Only Paperwhite Narcissus 10 for 9.99 (reg. 1.39ea.)

    Inside the store: 10% off fertilizers, repellents, pesticides, herbicides.

    Inside the store: 50% off Hydroponic specific nutrients and Indoor Lighting and Growing Systems.

    The newsletter has a coupon for $$$ of of Biosol.  Sign-up to receive VERY infrequent news and notices. Sign-up if you want the newsletter coupons.

    40% OFF Beautiful Hardy Flowering Herbaceous Perennials like Coneflower, Daylily, Sedum, Lupine, Daisy, etc........

    Buy 4, get 1 FREE  on Potting Soils, Manures & Bark

    30% OFF Redwood Planters & Trellis’

    30% OFF LARGE  Pottery

    30% OFF Outdoor Art

    Parking Lot “Orphan Plants” Clearance

    All sales limited to stock on hand and no double discounts. Discounts off regular retail prices....

  • "BIOSOL ! You can grow grass on a lift-tower with that stuff !"

    Biosol Forte Label.pdf

    Biosol MSDS.pdf

    Biosol Studies link


    Villager Nursery's FAVOITE fertilizer.  Biosol is our favorite winterizing fertilizer.  We use Biosol in the Villager Demonstration Gardens, and in all of our commercial and residential landscape projects.  Biosol helps Truckee Shrubs, Trees, Perennials and Bulbs thrive.  The Villager stocks Biosol year-round.  

    Biosol is an incredibly long-lasting fertilizer with amazing soil improving characteristics as well.  It is primarily cooked Penicillium that was cultured on and digested organic cottonseed and organic soybean meals.  It was essentially a waste product that was once used for aquaculture.  What it lacks in pleasant aroma (it lacks pleasant aroma) it more than makes up for in its amazing performance in ANY part of the garden.  

    Put Biosol on lawns in Fall.  Now.

    Biosol is an essential with any restoration, wildflower or lawn seeding.  Mix your grass and wildflower seeds with Biosol and Kellogg's Topper and broadcast just before we're expecting a huge snow.  So many folks over the years have said to us.."I know Biosol, we used to use it at (insert any ski area in the northern hemisphere here) and we swore you could grow grass on a lift tower with that stuff!"

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