Truckee Tomato & Town Meeting Day

In Vermont, Town Meeting Day (the first Tuesday in March, after the first Monday) is a state holiday. It is the epitome of REAL Democracy with many towns still conducting business "from the floor".

Lewis Hill was a garden writer from Northern Vermont.  We have long, loved his Cold-Climate Gardening wherein he writes that "in northern Vermont the first Tuesday in March, New England's Town Meeting Day, is the traditional time to plant tomato seeds inside".  "They like heat, lots of light and exactly the right amount of moisture."  Northern Vermont has many climatic similarities to Truckee / Tahoe and, as it turns out, March IS a good time to start tomato seeds indoors in Truckee. We plant the growing young plants into containers outside in mid May. The Villager is open Thurs-Sat in March. We are here to provide you with all your cold-climate seed starting supplies from organic and heirloom short-season seeds to organic seedling potting soils, trays, heat-mats, lighting and all the rest.  We have a fresh supply of houseplants and more pottery on the way.  (Since we're NOT in New England, maybe we should adopt St.Patrick's Day as our traditional day for seed starting, being green and all, and the timing is still appropriate... though were also NOT in Ireland).

Our goal at the Villager is, as always, to share our passion for gardening and to see our clients and friends SUCCEED in this endeavor we love so much.

The Villager offers classes and workshops on vegetable gardening in Truckee each spring along with classes and talks on many other mountain botanical, garden and landscape topics; check the calendar page (updates by mid-March) for this year's class and events schedule.  We are always open to suggestions!